Friday, January 27, 2006

Exposure from Alien Skin

The closest thing to film since film, Exposure brings the look and feel of film to digital photography. You can now digitally simulate the vivid colors of Velvia®, the rich blacks of Kodachrome®, or the sensitivity of Ektachrome®, as well as the warmth and softness of dozens of other film stocks, both color and black and white.

In addition, Exposure models the size, shape, and color of real world film grain. Use this level of subtle reproduction to simulate the distinct looks of films such as Ilford® 3200 Delta and long discontinued Ektachrome EES and GAF® 500.

Exposure also simplifies your workflow, collecting color, dynamic range, softness, and grain controls in one plug-in. Correct a colorcast, soften a digital portrait, and tweak contrast with one, easy-to-use tool. Or define your signature look and save it as a one-click effect.


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